A young couple setup for their first dinner party until tensions begin to mount as their guests keep calling to cancel.

Cast & Crew

Written & Directed By – Rowan Devereux
Produced By Rowan Devereux & Kelly McNamara

Maggie – Amanda Maple-Brown
Mark – Julien Perrottet
Guest – William Suen

Director of Photography – Benjamin Powell
1st Camera Assistant – Benjamin Ryan
2nd Camera Assistant – Seamus Wendelin
Production Design – Valentina Iastrebova
Edited By Sophie Saville

Colour Grading By Benjamin Powell
Motion Graphics By Rowan Devereux
1st Assistant Director – Grace Tan
Gaffer – William Suen
Sound Recordist – Michal Zoltkowski
Music By Elise Cociuban
Sound Mix By John Tompkins
Make Up – Kelly McNamara

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