A government cog spends his days handing out letters that accurately predict the recipient’s imminent death, until one day he receives his own letter.

Cast & Crew

Written & Directed By – Rowan Devereux
Produced By – Rowan Devereux & Stef Smith

Douglas Williams – Christian Willis
Penny Moore – Felicity Jurd
Jerry the Poet – Josh Magee
Martha – Charmaine Bingwa
Musician – Greg Chilcott
Children – Mia Carrabin, Niamh Conroy, Emily Kennedy & Molly Watt
Movie Goers – Nays Baghai, Gabi Karney & Benjamin Ryan

Director of Photography – Benjamin Powell
Associate Producer – Jemma Nickels & Mia Zetlins
1st Assistant Camera – Benjamin Ryan
2nd Assistant Camera – Nays Baghai & Benjamin Hughes
Production Design By – Gail Pearce & Valentina Iastrebova
Costume Design By – Gail Pearce
Edited By – Grace Vaughan
Colour Grading By – Benjamin Powell
Motion Graphics By – Rowan Devereux

1st Assistant Director – Jemma Nickels & Mia Zetlins
2nd Assistant Director – Gabi Karney
Sound Recordists – YC Teo & John Tompkins
Music By Elise Cociuban
Sound Design By Sarah Driver & Matt Wickens
Make Up – Chanel Biala

Completed in 2018

LACinefest film festival laurel